How Seniors In Place Works For You

  1. Call Us: 973-376-1600. We won’t pressure you into anything. You’ll get to speak directly with a Senior Case Manager that can help you get the answers you need. Why hesitate? Call Now.
  2. Receive a free consultation by a Seniors In Place Case Manager. A member of our family will come to your home and really take their time to understand your needs and explain our services. We don’t charge you a dime for this service and do not accept up-front money.  You are not obligated in anyway to sign up for our service.
  3. No Contracts, just a simple, non-binding agreement. If you decide home care is something you’d like to try, you sign a simple, non-binding agreement. You can cancel services at anytime and are not even required to start services should you change your mind. Our agreement simply ensures we are all on the same page with what our service provides, what you should expect from us.
  4. Free Registered Nurse assessment for hands-on Personal Care. If you require Personal Care, our Registered Nurse Supervisor will do an onsite assessment. She is extremely kind and has over 25 years experience. She’s another person from the Seniors In Place family that will be looking out for you on an ongoing basis. She will follow your case and ensure our certified caregivers know exactly how to properly care for you. She’ll also check in on you from time to time and swing by should you have any change in medical condition. We believe you should have the care you need, when you need it; so we don’t charge for this either.
  5. At this point, you are a member of our family. Your Seniors In Place Case Manager, Nurse Supervisor, and Staff Coordinator will meet to discuss every detail of your case and ensure we select the right person to care for you. If you don’t connect with the person we choose, we’ll send you someone else. After all, we aren’t selling washing machines, we’re trying to match you with someone you feel truly comfortable with in your home, someone you can talk to, watch Jeopardy! with; and if required, someone that can professionally and respectfully bathe you, change you, and transfer you. Regardless, you’ll have someone who is qualified to provide the level of care you need, in the manner you need it. Being a member of our family, means you and your family can call us, whenever you need us – even after hours. You’ll have a Case Manager’s direct cell phone number and an emergency 24×7 contact number that goes directly to a senior member of our staff who knows and understands your case.
  6. When your ready to start care, a Seniors In Place caregiver will show up on time, and be fully prepared to dispense the level of care you need from moment they walk in the door. They’ll understand the nuances of your situation and know how to make sure you are comfortable. Every Seniors In Place caregiver has had at least 2 years experience or is state-certified to dispense the proper level of care.  Most of our caregivers have cared for their own loved ones, and all of them have passed our extensive 4-stage hiring process (We only hire about 3% of the applicants who apply). To make sure we have the right people on our team, we have a full time, Doctorate-Level, Hiring Manager with over 40 years of experience in HR; interviewing, training and meeting everyone – face-to-face.
  7. Congratulations! You can now live the life you want without compromise; Safely, Independently and In Place.

Richard, together with his wife, Susan, sons Adam and Chad, and daughter Mia, have built a business that was born from integrity, honesty and love and has grown to help thousands of people in New Jersey live better, safer and more independent lives since 2001. We are not a franchise. We are a family. Whether you need a minimal amount of assistance, or personal care with nurse oversight, we will help.

Call today 973-376-1600 and speak with our family to discuss your options. You owe it to your loved ones…and to yourself.