February 2020 – Kindness Matters

Random Acts of Kindness Ideas for Seniors

When you choose to live with kindness, there is a ripple effect on those around you. From a strengthened immune system to better mental health, studies show that being kind has beneficial effects for the giver too. It doesn’t have to be a big, grand gesture to be effective. You can do simple, small acts of kindness — often for free — that improve the lives of others, whether you know them or not.

In observance of World Kindness Day, here are some senior-friendly random acts of kindness ideas for family, friends, neighbors, and strangers to inspire you.

  • Prepare their favorite meal
  • Write inspirational notes and tuck them in their pocket or gym bag
  • Bring them coffee or tea in the morning
  • Pick wildflowers and make a beautiful bouquet
  • Make them a homemade blanket, scarf, or other item
  • Do a chore they usually have to do
  • Tell them you love them or thank them for the little things they do for you
  • Celebrate an achievement they are proud of
  • Ask them how their day was
  • Take them on a spontaneous outing somewhere you know they’d like
  • Bring over a “sickness care package” when they’re ill, complete with soup, cough drops, lotion, juice, and DVDs
  • Offer a listening ear when they’re having a tough time

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